Rendova Project

Hypalon and Lettering

HighField RIB

PVC Project

Achilles PVC

Restoration Project


How to Order

Order TUFF SRC Products online and have it shipped to your door from us... we are the manufacturer.United StatesAll US Domestic shipping is via UPS...
How to Prepare

How to Prepare

You are anxious to restore your inflatable boat with TUFF SRC but the most important step in achieving excellent results is PREPARATION! Like any ...

How to Apply

TUFF SRC restoration requires two simple steps. Preparation: Before attempting to apply any paint, it is absolutely critical that the surfaces be ...


Two week-ends and a little elbow grease and my Zodiac has been brought back to life.

Bryan W.

Could not believe how new my tender came out.  Saved me thousands. Thanks Tuff SRC!

Allan J.

Started with some fear on my first ever major dinghy repair. But so easy, clean, paint & done.

Mellissa K.